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The vaping industry is constantly evolving to meet consumer demand for healthier and safer alternatives to traditional cigarettes. It also offers a variety of e-liquid flavors, and some devices are even able to be paired with Smartphones for an easier experience.

Despite regulatory pressure, the industry continues to grow. In 2020, new trends will emerge to keep it exciting and relevant.

Tips for using

One of the most satisfying aspects of vaping is that you can customize your experience based on a variety of factors including temperature, wattage and liquid levels. There are a plethora of options for choosing the right device for you and your budget. To wit, you can find a large number of vendors selling top-of-the line vape devices at affordable prices. For those on a budget, you’ll need to shop around for the best deal

Vape coils

Vaping coils are the essential part of any vape atomiser and they’re also a critical component of the device’s performance. Not only do they make a difference in the amount of vapor produced, but they can also impact the flavour and aroma of your vape.

Most atomisers and mods use a variety of coils made from different materials. Some of the more popular options include Kanthal, Nichrome, and Stainless steel.

Other brands use ceramic coils instead of metal wire, which can provide a smoother flavor profile and longer lifespan.

The wicking material used in resistance coils has changed too, with cotton replacing the synthetic foam that was once standard. This change has improved the performance of resistance coils, increasing battery life and providing intense power for variable wattage devices.

Flavors of vape pods

Vape pods are filled with a mixture of nicotine concentrate, flavoring and other ingredients that elevate the vaping experience. They are a vital part of any vape pen system, and they come in many flavors.

Pod systems offer a simple, affordable and hassle-free way to vape without all the mess and fuss of traditional e-cigarettes. They are also compact, easy to use and discreet – something that appeals to both new and experienced vapers alike.

A wide variety of different flavors are available, including popular fruit flavors like Mango Nectar Juul pods and Tangy Purple grape pods. Some even include a hint of menthol!

Pods can be used with either an auto-draw or push-button draw style. Auto-draw is ideal for mouth-to-lung inhales, while push-button pods offer longer lung-filling inhales.


E-liquids are a key part of vaping, and it’s important to understand what goes into them. They are made of base ingredients such as propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, flavoring concentrates, water, and nicotine.

The amount of these ingredients varies depending on the type of e-liquid, but they make up around 80-90% of the overall contents. PG and VG are primarily used to make the vapor, while the flavorings provide the taste.

Some e-liquids also contain a form of nicotine called salt nicotine, which is much less irritating than free-base nicotine. It’s a safe and popular way to get the nicotine you need without a lot of irritation.

Vaping has become a popular trend amongst the young, and there’s no doubt that it is a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. But it is important to remember that e-liquids contain a number of toxic chemicals and metals that can cause lung problems in the long term.