Mumbai’s Riverside Bliss: Hotels by the Water

Mumbai's Riverside Bliss: Hotels by the Water

The Swati Snax Heritage Hotel is a favourite among tourists, as it combines the best of modern comforts with the grandeur of a traditional palace. The century-old building is a former palace of the well-known Shrimali Ji Rai family, and it now houses 37 luxury suites, two spas, and two multi-cuisine restaurants. Besides traditional Indian architecture and furnishings, the hotel also offers private terraces and patios, offering guests a chance to experience the rich culture of the city. The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel is another example of a heritage hotel in Mumbai that reflects the glory of the past. This iconic landmark offers guests a unique blend of both traditional and contemporary Indian hospitality, as the luxurious rooms and suites are richly decorated, featuring old and antique furniture. Guests can also enjoy the stunning pool, spa, gardens, and restaurants, while taking in the beauty of the city’s cultural heritage.

The Alesbury Hotel is another heritage property in the heart of Mumbai. Housed in a building dating back to the 1870s, it offers an interesting mix of traditional and modern architecture, as well as a stunning view of the Arabian Sea and the Gateway of India. The hotel takes pride in its authentic Indian hospitality, and guests can take part in a range of cultural activities—from private cooking classes and yoga lessons to excursions to nearby historical monuments. The Ambassador Hotel is another highly rated heritage property in the city. It offers a luxurious but also traditional stay, and along with breathtaking views of the city and Arabian Sea, guests are also treated to delicious meals and delightful entertainment. These are just some examples of the amazing heritage hotels in Mumbai, each of which offer guests a unique experience steeped in old-world charm and hospitality.

From private terraces and patios to delightful entertainment and culture-focused activities, these hotels are sure to delight all kinds of visitors. Browse through the many options available, and start planning your trip to Mumbai today.” Mumbai is often referred to as the ‘City of Dreams’ and for good reason; this metropolis offers countless opportunities for luxury experiences. And this holds true when it comes to accommodation. There’s simply no better way to soak up the city’s energy and explore its urban jungle than to stay in one of the many hotels hotels with swimming pool in mumbai by the water. To get a true appreciation of what Mumbai has to offer, a waterfront stay is the way to go. Hotels by the waterfront provide guests the opportunity to meet and mingle with the throngs of locals that occupy this vibrant city.