Golden Artwork Gifts: Unleashing the Power of Opulence

Golden Artwork Gifts: Unleashing the Power of Opulence

Golden Mean is a beautiful, curated shop offering new and vintage home goods, jewelry, artful gifts and humor-infused greeting cards. The store takes its name from the golden ratio, which represents a desirable balance between extremes.

Sculptures like this Tinker Bell statue perfectly capture her dainty stance and fairy magic. The piece is $99, and also comes in a Woody version.

Statue Replica

As part of Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebration, fifty golden statues were installed across the parks depicting some of their most beloved characters. We spotted this lovely Tinker Bell replica statue at Bonjour Village Gifts in Magic Kingdom and online on shopDisney for $99. It’s the perfect addition to any fan’s home.

Stop rubbing your rabbit’s foot and start rubbing this lucky golden poo. Modeled after Japanese good luck charms, this piece is guaranteed to bring you prosperity.

Gilded Relief Carving

Adding color to a relief carving can enhance the visual impact of this artwork. Acrylic paints are easy to apply and available in a wide range of colors. Use wood stains that are compatible with the species of wood you’re working with to ensure proper adhesion and color stability. Gilding can also be applied to certain parts of the carved surface to create a luxurious accent.

Gold Framed Landscape Painting

Beautiful framed landscape painting, done in modern impressionistic style. It draws the viewer in through open sky, Qua tang doanh nghiep beauty of gentle hills, meadow and trees. The free strokes of oil paint create depth and relaxed atmospheric feel. The painting is matched with an ornate vintage baroque gold carved frame. A classic piece of wall art that complements a variety of interior styles. – Signed and dated on back.

My Little Golden Book About Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Help your little ones dream big with this inspiring book about Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. A perfect introduction to nonfiction for preschoolers, this Little Golden Book tells about the second female Supreme Court Justice and how she fought for women’s rights.

Shana Corey and Margeaux Lucas present this feminist icon in a compelling way that’s sure to inspire readers of all ages. A must-have for any child’s library.

The Golden Girls: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

The Golden Girls dropped some timeless pearls of wisdom. Emma Lewis organizes them into quizzes and commands in this kitschy book that’s perfect for a Golden Girls-themed sleepover or party.

Keep your friend hydrated with the Golden Girls water bottle featuring Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia. This bottle is BPA-free and comes with a screw-top lid for added security. They’ll also love the Golden Girls mug that holds 16 ounces of their favorite beverage.

Golden Ratio Coloring Book

Sharpen your colored pencils and explore the way numbers and beauty combine. This stress-relieving coloring book will appeal to both logical and creative minds.

Venezuelan architect and illustrator Rafael Araujo hand draws each of his geometric illustrations using a drafting table, pencil, compass and protractor—without the use of a computer. He then leaves the construction lines in each image to show the mathematical brilliance of nature.

The Golden Douchebag Trophy

Honor the dick in your life with this amusing trophy that proclaims them the “world champion d-bag.” It makes for a funny gift and a sure conversation starter. Dimensions: 8 Inch tall.

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Golden Dragon Pool Float

Achieve your Game of Thrones fantasy in real life with this gleaming inflatable dragon pool float. This 103-inch-long dragon features two handles on its neck and can comfortably accommodate two people.

Give a fun millennial twist to your summer pool time with this eye-catching giant poop emoji pool float. It even has a cup holder to keep your drink close at hand.

Golden Rainbow Haute Couture Mask

Golden Mean only opened its doors in March of this year, but owner Grace Milligan spent years dreaming up her curated gift shop and art gallery concept. The store is a reflection of her personal interests and the wide array of talents she cultivated over her time in New York City.

Unique Stocking Stuffers

Find fun stocking stuffer gifts at Golden’s local shops like Roots for stickers, hot sauces and beard oils or Golden Mercantile Coop for Swedish dishcloths and handmade jewelry.

Golden Snitch Fidget Spinner

The spectral Harry Potter fans in your life will love this Golden Snitch fidget spinner by UltraFidget Spinners. This version of their MK2 sphere adds wings to the brass hub.

This DIY craft is a fun project to do with your kids and a great gift for Harry Potter lovers of any age. All you need is hot glue and a few other low-cost materials.