Best Mass Heroes Of Telugu Cinema!

South Indian Industry has been on a steep climb of success due to its movies that appeal to the masses. Mass Movies generally mean a movie that is for the entertainment of the masses. This term is incomplete without the mention of mass heroes. In Indian film culture, mass heroes are popular. Their thriving popularity can be proved by the fact that their name has the star power to attract the audience. And that people love these movies. South Indian mass movies are mostly based on the action genre with a riveting storyline. If not seeing their favorite superstar fight the villains, then what would attract the audience. And one such mass hero is Megastar Mammootty who has enough star power and charisma to make a movie superhit. His ardent followers always love to see him breathe life into the characters. Over the years, he has given us many blockbusters and among them, one of his best mass movies in recent times is Shylock. There are many more best action movies online on aha app.


The term Shylock is generally used as slang for the term Loan Shark. Written by newcomers to the Industry, Bibin Mohan and Aneesh Hameed, the film was under the direction of AjaiVasudev. The cinematography by Ranadive makes the movie much more graceful. Gopi Sundar has done a fantastic job on the soundtrack of the movie. Well suited to the vibes of the movie. The film follows the story of Boss, a loan shark who operates in the Malayalam industry. It’s not as simple as it looks.

The film begins with Producer Prathapa Varma(KalabhavanShajohn) getting a call from Boss(Mammootty) while on a film set. Then a person enters and warns him not to do so, but he heeds no attention to his warning and continues to ignore the calls. And while preparing the movie set for the hero’s entry, the real hero enters, getting rid of everyone coming his way. At last, they kidnap the director of the movie. Enraged by this, Prathapa, with help from his Commissioner friend, Felix John(Siddique), tries to mess with the Boss. But the Boss overcomes it and mocks both of them.

Then the commissioner makes a fake case of Prathapa’s son AdithyaVarma(John Kaippallil) gone missing and the mastermind behind it being Boss. The Police arrest and harm him, but then they see photographic evidence of Adithya playing Holi in Nagpur. They have no choice but to release him. After being blocked by Prathapa on the way home, Boss reveals having killed Adithya after clicking the photo. Both Prathapa and Felix suspect Boss of being part of a plot long ago, to which Boss agrees. Despite his associates questioning him, Boss doesn’t say anything. He then receives a call saying Ayyanar(Rajkiran) has woken up. Boss after that goes to an old house to see an older person waking up, but he calms him down by showing the photo of Adithya’s death. Boss then reveals to his associates that Ayyanar is his brother and then starts revealing his sad past.

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