Basic Soccer drills

Soccer is a game about control. Being able to control the ball and your body is key to dominating on the field. A soccer player who is successful will have drills to help him with both.

Ball control is a must on the field. You will be able to control your game with drills that improve shooting, passing, and/or dribbling.

* Dribbling is the most basic skill. It can be learned by running with your ball at your feet in straight lines. You will become more proficient with the ball as you set up a series of cones and begin to dribble the balls through them. Advanced players have the ability to be creative with the cone layouts and create interesting patterns that are difficult to navigate while maintaining control.

* Soccer is a team sport so accurate passing is crucial. Relay is a great way to practice passing. Two players must stand at opposite ends on a field. They should pass the ball back to each other using a one touch rule. The player who receives the ball must return it immediately. As you get better, your distance from your teammate will decrease.

* While most soccer games do not have high scores, the ability for a player to score is extremely important to the team. Shoot past defenders and goalies to improve your ability to hit the target.

As important as controlling the ball, your ability to control yourself is equally important. As you attempt to move the ball towards the challenger’s goal you will encounter aggressive and physical play from your opponents who want to steal it. Your ability to control your body, position yourself to protect and defend the ball can make it a tough task to stop. You can help improve this skill by asking everyone to use a shirt to create tails that hang out of their pants. It is important to grab your colleagues’ tails while protecting theirs. This can XoilacTV truc tiep be done with or without a football for beginners. Your body will be able to maintain control of the ball by allowing you to protect your tail.

Reaction time can improve body control. The faster your body can react, the more valuable you’ll be on the field. This basic drill will improve the team’s ability for quick reactions. Stand in a circle and face out. One player will stand in the middle of the circle with the ball. He calls the name of another player and throws a ball at him. The ball will be spun by the player being called and he will react to take control. This drill will be more difficult if the circle is smaller.

Learn to control your body and ball if you want to dominate the soccer field. If you can work with your team on these drills, you will become a better soccer player and a better member of the team.